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A film by Cristi Puiu

With Agathe Bosch, Frédéric Schulz-Richard, Diana Sakalauskaité, Ugo Broussot,...

Goodbye Mister Wong

A film by Kiyé Simon Luang

With Nini Phonesavanh Vilivong, Marc Barbé, Nathalie Richard.


Isadora's Children

A film by Damien Manivel

With Agathe Bonitzer, Manon Carpentier, Marika Rizzi, Elsa Wolliaston.

Twelve Thousand

A film by Nadège Trebal

With Arieh Worthalter, Nadège Trebal, Liv Henneguier, Françoise Lebrun,...

The Hidden City

A film by Victor Moreno

Don't work (1968-2018)

A film by César Vayssié

A Violent Desire For Joy

A film by Clément Schneider

With Quentin Dolmaire, Grace Seri.

Something is happening

A film by Anne Alix

With Lola Duenas, Bojena Horackova.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A film by Nobuhiro Suwa

With Jean-Pierre Léaud and Pauline Etienne, Maud Wyler, Arthur Harari, Isabelle...



The Night I Swam

A film by Damien Manivel, Kohei Igarashi

With Takara Kogawa

The Wild Frontier

A film by Nicolas Klotz, Élisabeth Perceval

Being There

A film by Régis Sauder

C'est l'amour

A film by Paul Vecchiali

With Pascal Cervo, Astride Adverbe.

Gam Gam

A film by Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring

Las Vegas Meditation

A film by Florent Tillon

Le cancre

A film by Paul Vecchiali

Starring Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Lebrun, Annie Cordy, Françoise Arnoul,...

What Are You Doing?

A film by Luc Joulé, Sébastien Jousse